We have a wide variety of customers including Costco

karl Strauss

This Well Known Brewing Company gets Bread From us as well!


Even the navy gets bread from us!

Barona Casino and Resort

This famous Indian Reservation is a client of ours as well


Sprouts uses us as well to get you fresh bread

restaurant depot

Restaurant Depot loves our bread

Smart And Finals

Smart and Finals would only get bread from where its fresh

We have been southern californias favorite baking company for over ten years now
We have clients all over the San Diego and Los Angelos areas
Nobody in or region has the clientele or experience we have

Jenna Dawe

We work hard so that you dont have to
We take the bread to you and we are never low on inventory
Our business has such a high demand that all of our bread is fresh
California baking company strives to make our customers happy and there jobs easier

Jenna Dawe